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Catholicism, Environmentalism

Environmentalism & Catholicism

I’ve been reading quite a few Catholic blogs lately and one issue that I keep seeming to come upon is environmentalism. The majority of these bloggers take a rather harsh tone toward environmentalism and suggest that many are putting the earth before God.

I would agree that many environmentalists put the earth before God, but that’s mainly because I’ve never actually met a Catholic/Christian environmentalist. The earth doesn’t generally seem to be on many people’s agenda as much as abortion, marriage, etc. within the Catholic community. The Baptist fundamentalist school I attended was, in fact, very anti-environmentalism as it denied climate change and took the position that God gave us the earth to squander as we see fit. I guess if you’re constantly acting as if the Second Coming is going to happen tomorrow then why would you care about the earth, animals, clean water, etc.?

The Vatican does take a position on quite a few environmental issues, which means I have a bone to pick with the Catholic media. Bloggers, Catholic online magazines, I’m looking at you! Why aren’t you covering these things as much?!

I’ve recently discovered Eco Catholic which is part of the National Catholic Reporter and here are just some of the stories they’ve reported on:
God can always be found in the natural world
Sisters’ polyhouse guarantees fresh produce
California diocese takes on ecological issues
Vatican: Water is human right, not for-profit commodity
Catholics, Methodists unite to craft paper on Eucharist, ecology

Good stuff, huh? I can’t wait to delve deeper into Catholicism and environmentalism. If you’re looking for some prayers, here are few to get you going.




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