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Catholicism, Environmentalism

Quotes from the United Methodist and Roman Catholic Churches on the Eucharist and Ecology

Access to the full paper on the Eucharist and ecology.

In Scripture, Jesus rejects the Pharisees’ appeal for signs from heaven. Jesus chastises the Pharisees for being able to interpret the skies while being unable to interpret the signs of the times. (cf. Mt 16:3) In our time, the appearance of the skies has become a sign of the times. The threat of climate destabilization, the destruction of the ozone layer, and the loss of bio-diversity point to a disordered relation between humankind, other living beings and the rest of earth.

We are called to listen to creation’s groaning (cf. Rom 8:22) and to respond in hope because of the promise of God’s reconciliation of all things in Christ (cf. 2 Cor 5:19)

… John Paul II and Benedict XVI remind us, human dominion “is not an absolute power”, but rather, ” a summons to responsibility” which must be ordered by a humble awareness of our dependence on God’s generosity and mercy.




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